From ideas to everyday applications

From Incondia’s perspective, innovation is the creative process adopted by an organisation for introducing new ideas, workflows and methods or for adding value to existing goods and services. Innovation leads to positive change in order to secure increased business growth. Consequently, it is crucial to focus continuously on innovation processes at all organisational levels, enabling the business to grow in step with the changes of the sector and the
surrounding world.

We divide the process of innovation into four main steps.


Incondia has designed an Innovation Analysis tool which can be used for identifying an individual’s skills and capacity for innovation. The analysis is based on a model reflecting the whole innovation process, from the generation of ideas to the analysis and follow-up of implemented ideas. The analysis is used for setting up innovation teams, recruiting innovation leaders and key employees, and tailoring development programmes that focus on innovative interventions. 

A complete tool, the Innovation Capability Chart, has been designed for identifying and developing leaders and key employees within units tasked with securing the innovation capacity of the whole organisation. It is a comprehensive analysis system, in which the Innovation Analysis is combined with three other analyses (Progress Analysis, Focus Analysis and Value Analysis). This scope provides a well-founded and complete assessment of an individual’s capability to handle various tasks in the area of innovation. Based on this assessment we can reliably establish efficient and successful innovation teams in accordance with the Winning Teams model. 

Using our innovation concept, we are able to support businesses at several levels. We ensure that there is a clear connection between innovation and work processes as well as the implementation of innovative measures which create meaningful and sustainable results for the organisation. We also aim at achieving a combination of strategic HR management and innovation awareness by creating teams of leaders and employees that best meet the goals and visions of the organisation.