Leadership determines business success

Incondia’s research identifies a handful of personal qualities that produce the highest degree of correlation with successful leadership. These are self-confidence, independence and a desire to perform well, combined with introspection, social competence and a strong motivation to take on the responsibility of a leader. Hence, we conclude that the characteristics of successful leaders are the same regardless of what organisation these people are part of. The criteria for success are the same at the local, national and global level.

Our leader development concept aims at leaders with the talent, potential and drive to pursue a career within the company (the so-called management road), following a path that is based partly on personality and partly on achievement of results. If these successful leaders reach positions with a high level of responsibility, they are likely to succeed in times of crisis and to drive through changes that lead to long-term results and sustainable profitability.

Based on our research, we conclude that the following are general criteria for successful leaders:

  • They have empathetic skills enabling them to easily find the co-workers best suited to be delegated responsibility and power.
  • They manage, despite the hierarchical distance, to establish close contact with and build loyalty among their employees.
  • They are receptive to new ideas and thoughts. That way, they free themselves from cultural structures and mindsets.
  • They possess a strong drive and determination to achieve their goals.
  • They have an inner conviction to take personal responsibility for the achievement of business goals.
  • They manage to define simple strategic principles and see the bigger picture through clear prioritisation of their organisation’s objectives, even in complicated situations.

These qualities may seem obvious, but finding such leaders and ensuring that they possess the qualities mentioned is often a real challenge. However, this process is crucial for the success and profitability of
the organisation.

We know how to both identify successful leaders and develop qualities of potential leaders that will make them successful. Potential leaders already possess many of the qualities needed to “reach the top” and, supported by a tailor-made leadership development programme, we can jointly ensure that the individual and the organisation achieve the desired outcome.