Incondia´s test quality certified by STP

Swedish test exceeds the quality demands of the private sector

Due to the lack of clear and standardised quality criteria on the private test market, The Swedish Psychological Association, supported by many companies in Sweden, has designed a method for reviewing the tests available on the Swedish market.

A new organisation, The Institution for Applied Psychology (Stiftelsen för Tillämpad Psykologi, STP), has been formed, focusing on the reviewing process in cooperation with scientific departments at several Swedish universities. The whole reviewing process has been designed with British models in mind, as they have long ago established a set of quality criteria which form the basis for assessing the test systems of different actors.

In this context, it is of vital importance that this initiative is supported by an increasing number of Swedish companies, as we are close to a situation where most companies demand that test systems are appropriately certified before they are willing to utilise them in their current operations.

The quality criteria
The STP coordinate the organisation and administration of the certification, but it is a group of researchers at Swedish universities who carry out the actual reviews. In practice, the test in question is assessed by looking at 13 different parameters. The basic parameters are the background, development and theoretical foundation of the test. Others are the standardisation and regularisation of the test and hence, the applicability in Sweden. Further parameters are clarity and understandability, how the test is administered in practice and how a result is interpreted and presented to the individual undergoing the test. Last but not least, focus is placed on the reliability and validity of the test. This covers all questions about the underlying quality of the test and how sure one can be of the integrity of the result, based on the person and reality the test is describing. 

Incondia’s Progress Analysis is highly ranked
Incondia is a small Swedish consulting company that, over the last seven years, has developed and promoted a number of test systems for both the private and public sectors. Progress Analysis, a “classic” personality test used, amongst other things, for recruitment, is highly competitive with other actors on the Swedish test market. In fact, Progress Analysis is ranked highest, next to the most famous and well-documented test worldwide, when making an overall assessment of the 13 quality parameters.

Quality guarantee
The STP certification is a quality stamp for those test systems passing the review and, as such, a guarantee of the quality of the test. However, to ensure the technical integrity of the test, it is essential that those performing the test have the necessary professional and social skills. Consequently, the certification provides security and safety to the organisations procuring and utilising a test. In the same way, individuals being tested can be assured that they are receiving quality testing and evaluation.

Incondia AB is a Swedish management consultancy company with its headquarters in Trelleborg. During the last seven years, the company has developed and promoted a range of test systems that are in use throughout the Nordic countries. Incondia’s main activities fall under the scope of research and development of test systems and leadership and organisational development. Incondia’s customers include some of the largest companies in the Nordic region.

By STP regarding Review Report-Utvecklingsanalysen September 2003